Our Spa

July 28, 2016

This year has been so different and so exciting for Josh and I and it’s got me reminiscing on things. In all the changes, there have been ups and down, but the good has totally outweighed the not so great. There are so many things I am proud of this year, and the spa is high on my list!

I say this to first, acknowledge our clients, who we love. You are the reason we open our doors in the morning, you bring smiles to our face and we love that you’ve entrusted us with your precious time. Secondly, to say there have been comments out there that are not first hand, and I want to tell you a bit about the spa that I love.

Our team is amazing. From the ladies at reception that are so inviting, organized, quirky and have the best hearts, to the service team in the spa. Each of them beings something so unique and spectacular to our offering. They are skilled and offer both an amazing technical service, as well as a great experience. They are personable, approachable and never make you feel like you deserve anything but a day of pampering. They embody the vision that we believe our clients are beautiful as they enter the spa…and have allowed us to help make them feel that. There is a definite family atmosphere, and spending time with our team is something I always look forward to.

Our product is the highest quality. We strongly believe in using products that deliver the highest quality results, whether it be our Image skin care line that backs its claims with proven results, our polish and Gel lines, or our make up offering, we want to always offer you the very best while you’re in our care.

Our space is always changing….well..for us it is. Even though you don’t see and feel an atmosphere of renovation or construction (which is the goal), we are always looking for better ways to both provide spaces that are relaxing and inviting to our clients, and also provide the essentials needed by our staff. Customer service starts with how we treat our team…and if they’re happy and feel successful, they provide a better experience for you! That is our aim every time, and it is something we are continually working on. We are looking at the possibility of expanding to make room for more service providers, larger parties and generally serving you better!

Ok…so maybe this seems a bit random (forgive me..I blame the pregnancy hormones), I just wanted to say that I’m really proud of the spa, our team and the level of service we provide. We are always looking to expand our team, so I want those future team members to know what they REALLY could be part of, and I wanted to let all our clients know how much we appreciate them all!