We did our first ever “it’s all about the little things” and it was a hit! Inspired by our very own Edyta ❤️ ( if you haven’t already had the opportunity to meet or get your service… Continue Reading

Our Spa

This year has been so different and so exciting for Josh and I and it’s got me reminiscing on things. In all the changes, there have been ups and down, but the good has totally outweighed… Continue Reading

Rock on Canada!

My husband and I recently went on one of our many trips back to Canada. Oh Canada! What an amazing country! Amazing province! (Manitoba is the best in my opinion!) Amazing town and community! Winkler! Woot… Continue Reading

I am a woman

I am the opposition of death. I am a woman!  I just thought this was perfect for Mother’s Day! This is for all the women out there; (not just the ones with kids) we as women… Continue Reading

Excitement is in the Air

I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life! We have a lot of things happening…Starting with this blog! I wanted to connect with the clients whom I adore, show the community… Continue Reading